Our products

Investments in plant and laboratory equipment have allowed us to achieve high quality and control levels throughout the entire production cycle. Today’s product range is so vast and targeted that it intervenes at every stage of the steel production process.

Our products constantly evolve
according to the quality requirements of users and enable us to obtain important results in the fields of:

  • Capturing of endogenous inclusions and elimination of exogenous ones in order to produce increasingly cleaner steels, through the use of captive powder coatings and perforated steel flow adjustment barriers.

  • Reduction of slag cutting and wear in the linings of furnaces and ladles, using appropriate powders and synthetic slags.

  • Desulphurisation of steel and cast iron, using mixtures based on calcium oxide with a very low content of sulphur, metallic magnesium and calcium aluminate.

  • Lubrication of the ingot moulds through hollow microspheres with a controlled bulk specific gravity and a low heat loss.

Steel processing

Steel processing

Cast iron processing

Cast iron processing

Aluminium processing

Aluminium processing

Steel processing


Insulating powders

  • Ladle, tundish steel acid and basic powder coating and lubricants for continuous ingot moulds and ingots
  • Captive powders for reducing inclusions in the steel
  • Exothermic powders for coating ingots

Desulphurising agents

For reducing sulphides and steel conditioning, calcium oxide-based with a very low sulphur content with the addition of calcium aluminate and alumina.


Specific for spontaneous filling and opening of the tap hole of the ladle drawer.


Simple and with oriented holes for adjusting the steel flow into the tundish, capable of promoting an upward flotation of non-metallic parts.


With controlled density for blocking primary and secondary slag spillage from the converter’s tap hole during the spillage phase.

Gunning products

Magnesium-based for lining the tundish, repairing converter walls and electric furnaces.

Powder Coatings

To hot mark the steel slabs.

Cast iron processing


Desulphurising agents

Calcium oxide-based with a very low sulphur content and passivated metal magnesium, for reducing sulphur in cast iron, through lance or impeller insufflation systems.

Plugging products

Ecological for managing the tap holes of blast furnaces.

Refractory concretes

For repairing and refurbishing main runners, tilting furnaces and their walls.

Aluminium processing


Refractory concretes

Spray products for rebuilding and repairing furnaces and sprues with the double layer technique.


Graphite and tabular alumina-based products for sprues and plates.


For measuring the temperature of the aluminium bath in furnaces and sprues

In short

Isolant Service designs and manufactures steel powder coatings, desulphurising and dephosphorising agents, spray products for iron metallurgy uses.

It also creates the most suitable acid and basic barriers according to the tundish shape or according to the customer's design and inclined hole barriers in order to improve the degree of inclusion cleanliness of the steel.