Our Services

The formulations are always tailor-made to the specific needs of each customer. Our laboratory also provides production projects achievable for any system which requires specific standards.

Research and innovation, Our daily commitment

Research and innovation, Our daily commitment


Know-how, facilities, laboratories and technical staff are at the service of research for the technological innovation of production processes and for developing products which will ensure high performance and low consumption, increase production process efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Expert advice

In addition to our products, we always supply all possible technical support to the customer, providing our know-how, facilities, laboratories and technical staff, as part of an effective and constructive cooperation. Our engineers are always at the customer’s side throughout every stage of production and implementation, constantly working to ensure products are more responsive to the needs of the individual production systems


The company guarantees a prompt, timely and efficient delivery in accordance with the production needs of the customer. We invest in logistics to be closer to our trade partners.

In short

Isolant Service designs and manufactures steel powder coatings, desulphurising and dephosphorising agents, spray products for iron metallurgy uses.

It also creates the most suitable acid and basic barriers according to the tundish shape or according to the customer's design and inclined hole barriers in order to improve the degree of inclusion cleanliness of the steel.